About us

“How come everything on the internet is so public, accessible and transparent, but the exact opposite is true for the link building market?”

Why is the link building market so complicated?

This is a question that every online marketer has asked themselves in recent years. Sure, there are numerous wholesalers, platforms and marketplaces offering all sorts of things. However, not everything here is for sale, and often the sites where you can publish are also behind a paywall or an extensive verification process.

Why be difficult when it can be easy?

In short, as online marketers, we felt that the link building market was too opaque and inefficient. That’s why we founded Equote in 2019. A link building agency that knows where the weak spots are in the market and, based on this, makes transparent offers that meet the client’s needs. This offer can be found in our database, which grows monthly and is accessible to everyone.

Link building without effort

We are now four years in and can say with conviction that the way we work has been well accepted. The workflow we have with our clients is simple, understandable and transparent. That is the reason why more and more agencies, freelancers and in-house marketers are using our network.

Access to our database?